Science FUN For Everyone


Science Jen

Science is FUN and useful! Everyone can enjoy learning about science and about how to utilize the scientific framework and process, if presented with science in ways that are meaningful to diverse learners and relevant to individual interests. Science is a great platform for interest, skill, and talent development because we all have equal access to the natural world. Full Circle Science is contextualized within a broader framework of personal health, equity, responsibility, and survival/ sustainability (HERS) because the scientific framework and process are totally distinct from all religious, ethical, and moral frameworks. Everyone can get involved with science and the Full Circle framework!


For over 10 years Science Jen has been teaching science in various settings from PreK through undergraduate level and she has found that the key to effective education in general is to create an environment in which individuals of all ages can succeed and grow in their areas of strength while addressing challenges in positive ways. Every good instructor already knows and does this! Since this environment demands accommodation for every possible context, type of child, learning style, and interest-area, Jen called her framework Full Circle. Over the last ten years she has been developing and testing her Full Circle learning environment in all kinds of settings and has repeatedly found that because science relies upon observation and experimentation in the natural world, science is uniquely accessible to every single person in daily life, wherever they live, whatever their background, and whoever they are.


Children deserve to have fun while learning science. The key to engaging children in learning is to actively focus on individual interest, skill, and talent development. Children deserve to optimize and actualize their potential through education. Children themselves should drive the direction, depth, and focus of the curriculum and indeed, each lesson. Even the content within a lesson should be customized and designed to address or accommodate individual learning differences, and to develop interests, skills, and talents of each child. Science provides a great starting place for talent, interest, and skill development because science is grounded in the real world. Full Circle Science is intended to empower young people!


Families deserve resources that will allow them to support and inspire children. Every parent wants their child to thrive and develop to their full potential! Science Jen involves parents and teachers by asking them to collaborate in regard to what topics, subjects, and content will be most useful and relevant. Parents and teachers are integral collaborators and partners along with children. Jen does individual family consulting! Contact me via email!


Groups and schools deserve a curriculum they can tailor to their own individual students, families, and community needs. They deserve an iterative, easily understood science curriculum that grows with children and that at the youngest ages can be implemented with readily available things in the natural world, with things already in the lives of children, and with objects that children consider exciting. Schools and groups deserve to be able to have curriculum that allows easy record-keeping and documentation of compliance with regulations, as well as seamless, complementary integration with curricular goals in other subject areas whether home schooling, online, or blended. The Full Circle Science framework could be useful to your group or school!


As humans our greatest untapped natural resource is the vast pool of untapped human potential. Every single person has something to contribute. Districts and states need a qualified, motivated, and diverse work force composed of people who have a strong understanding of all areas of science and technology as well as the flexibility of mind to take on a variety of roles as the needs of society change over time. The Full Circle educational framework promotes personal engagement and lifelong learning by all involved by encouraging and creating an environment for individual interest, skill, and talent development. If every person in society were to optimize and actualize their talents, then communities, districts, and our whole society would benefit!

We use the products of science every day, yet few of us use the scientific process in our daily lives. Like the technology we use every day, science can enrich our lives! 

Check out my Full Circle Science curriculum that was published by Royal Fireworks Press!